Property History
As outlined in the town's 2004 Master Plan - the Pinnacle, a rock outcropping with
an elevation of 450 in the Hooksett Village area; first acquired prominence in the
writings of Henry David Thoreau.  Thoreau spent a week in the general vicinity of
the Pinnacle traversing and writing about the Merrimack River and its valley.

This unique rock formation is on private land owned by Arthur Locke's Estate.  The
area comprises approximately 26 acres and has the potential to provide passive
recreation opportunities.  The owner has already made provisions with the
Hooksett Village Water Precinct Commission to Protect the adjacent Pinnacle
Pond area, but this would provide an added benefit of keeping the hill and
municipal wells near the pond from contamination.  The Town of Hooksett should
work cooperatively with the owner of the property to provide limited public access
for passive recreation.
Possible Concept
Pinnacle Hill Property
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